Alter Ego

My journeys beyond human boundaries

A novel by Giuliano Golfieri


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The Plot

France, 1745. A boy wakes up in a forest on the outskirts of Paris with no memory of his past.
Through a fortuitous accident, he discovers he possesses an inexplicable power: the ability to transmigrate into the bodies of others. The young man turns his singular gift into a sinister profession at the service of the Freemasons and other powerful figures of eighteenth-century France, his life intertwining with famous characters of the time.
In an increasingly fast-paced adventure that spans more than a century, he finds himself caught up in many historical events, including the French Revolution.

Alter Ego takes us on exotic journeys involving sex, ill-fated love, high-ranking friendships and powerful enemies who plot in the shadows. Culminating in a final twist, the book has an enjoyable esoteric flavour, and gives us a glimpse into one of the darkest periods of history.


Some opinions of specialized sites / blogs:

«I highly enjoyed this novel because Giuliano Golfieri did a marvelous job at grabbing the reader’s suspense from the beginning and keeping a grip all the way to the end of the novel. This story gave me all the feels. The author’s writing has a way of really making you deeply connect with the feelings of the protagonist.» The Modern Bookzilla

«Clear, compelling, fluent writing. A balanced mix of science fiction, historical fiction, esotericism and a touch of sensuality. If I were the editorial director of a publishing house, I certainly wouldn't miss this opportunity...»

«Golfieri writes well. He has rhythm and a fluent writing style that is lacking in many emerging authors» Aforismi di un Pazzo

«This is one of those novels to be read in one breath, engaging from beginning to end, full of unexpected twists. I'd like to read a sequel» Thriller Storici e Dintorni

«A fresh, rich and original pen, which stands out from the crowd»

«One of the most ingenious, intriguing and compelling books that has been read in recent times» Romance Non-Stop

«If you want to travel back in history with the mind, this is the book for you, don't deprive yourself of it!» Opinioni librose

«A surprising novel, one of those that you start out of pure curiosity and end up devouring out of need» La Porta Dipinta

«A well-constructed book, never boring, with several important subjects: revenge, thirst for power and money, politics and love, and a true and genuine love that the protagonist feels for a single woman» Sister's Books

«A great daydream» Storie per un Piccolo Pianeta

«A novel ready to surprise those who get involved with the story and migrate from one body to another, even if only with the imagination»

«A well-studied plot, with history, love, sex and esotericism. At first I thought it wasn't really my thing, but in the end it turned out to be a little masterpiece that I would recommend you read» Ilariareads

«It allows us to look with a fresh and conscious eye at the relationships that we really should and would like to keep strong and alive during the inexorable passage of time and, above all, on whom we would really like to be» Blog Margherite Blu

«The plot of ‘Alter Ego: My journeys beyond human boundaries’ is dense, full of adventures spread over the centuries, worthy of the famous libertine Giacomo Casanova who, in fact, appears in the book» Blog Libri e Emozioni


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The Author

Giuliano Golfieri is a forty-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Milan, Italy, the city in which he was born and raised, and which is still his home. He has spent time living and working in the US, London and Rome.
His various passions in life have led him into different professions: journalist, musician, programmer and pilot.
Having always been passionate about technology, he never misses an opportunity to travel and has a great love of nature and animals.
His fascination for esotericism, history and the occult, combined with ideas nurtured over the years, have resulted in the creation of his debut novel ‘Alter Ego: My journeys beyond human boundaries’.

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Some Background

Alter Ego was born in October 2015 as a day-by-day narrative project on my blog and on Facebook ( www.facebook .com/alteregostory). For more than 200 days, I published about a page a day, receiving appreciation from a wide range of readers within a very short time. The community around the project has grown exponentially thanks to word of mouth, and today the Facebook page of Alter Ego has more than 3300 followers. Amazed and encouraged by this faith, I realised that the game was turning into something more serious, so I decided to finish the novel (about 300 pages) and publish it on Amazon in e-book and paperback format, thanks to its incredible self-publishing service.
Feedback from readers and the media gave me tremendous satisfaction and pushed me to write the second episode of the saga, actually available in Italian only.
The creation of Alter Ego required more than two years of historical research. Many of the characters, even the secondary ones, really did exist and are accurately represented during their direct involvement in the plot, allowing the reader the pleasure of digging deeper into the details and discovering connections and subterfuges hidden within the story.

Me speaking about Alter Ego at Radio Lombardia (in Italian)

From the same author

Come Fosse l'Ultima is a short story focused on the tragic events happened on the September 11th, 2001. A story full of conflicting emotions, available exclusively (in Italian) on Amazon.

The plot: During childhood, Jacopo risked dying several times, in different types of accidents. Because of these traumatic events he has developed a particular fixation: he makes every gesture as if it were the last of his existence. Cynical but extremely sensitive, he tells us about his bizarre viewpoint on life through some tragicomic anecdotes. he works on the upper floors of the south tower of the World Trade Center. Together with a colleague of his, who also represents his only sincere friend, he will be personally involved in the dramatic events of September 11th. How will he deal with such an extreme situation with his particular character?

The second part of Alter Ego is out (in Italian)

ALTER EGO II: Rosso come il Tamigi
La Gran Bretagna vittoriana di fine Ottocento è scossa dagli efferati omicidi di un oscuro assassino: Jack lo Squartatore.
Ariel Des Anges, un uomo con l’inspiegabile potere di trasmigrare nel corpo di altri individui, verrà coinvolto nelle indagini sui delitti di Whitechapel da Joseph Bell, il medico legale che ispirò Sherlock Holmes.
Affiancato dal suo nuovo amore, una bella e misteriosa medium, Ariel avrà a che fare con i fantasmi del suo nebuloso passato e con nuovi spettri, che gli sveleranno facce nascoste del suo singolare dono e gli indicheranno la via verso un futuro inatteso.

Nel primo volume di Alter Ego trascorriamo quasi duecento anni al fianco del protagonista, tra viaggi ultracorporei ed esoterismo. In questo nuovo capitolo della sua storia vengono narrati i sei concitatissimi mesi che cambieranno per sempre la sua vita.